You may be grinding or clenching your teeth at night without realizing it. We can see the signs of it when you come in for a dental cleaning. More importantly, we can do something to prevent your grinding.

By making a custom nightguard for you at our Glendale, AZ, you can end the grinding and get these benefits as well.

1. Stop the Headaches

Waking up frequently with headaches can be a symptom of teeth grinding in your sleep. This can impact your day in a number of ways. With the right treatment, you can stop the painful mornings.

2. Prevent Jaw Pain

Teeth grinding can lead to jaw pain as well. This can cause recurring problems when you eat certain foods, or it can seem to come and go throughout the day. Again, a nightguard can alleviate pressure on your jaw joint to keep it pain-free.

3. Protect Your Teeth

The pressure of teeth grinding wears down the enamel on your teeth. It also can cause cracks to form and increase your risk of gum infections and cavities. By getting a nightguard, you may be sparing yourself from a host of dental problems.

Don’t let your teeth grinding lead to something worse. Call Glendale Gentle Dentistry today at 623-244-4304 for an appointment in Glendale, AZ. You can also schedule online.