Gum Recession Treatment
  • Restore your gums’ healthy appearance
  • Smile without a moment’s hesitation
  • Cover your exposed tooth roots
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Dr. Christian Stanfield with patient at the Glendale Gentle Dentistry in Glendale, AZ

Gum Recession Treatment in Glendale, AZ

If you struggle with receding gums, it’s important to regain a healthy gumline. When gums recede, you are more susceptible to decay and other dental problems. Our gum recession treatment in Glendale can give you back the appearance of healthy gums gently and safely. You will:

  • Protect your tooth roots from harmful bacteria
  • Experience relief from tooth sensitivity
  • Enjoy a vibrant smile that looks and feels great
  • Improve your self-esteem and self-confidence

This procedure takes just one appointment to see beautiful results. Call 623-244-4304 today to get started.

Restore Your Receding Gums for a Beautiful Smile

You aren’t alone if you have receding gums. About 88 percent of adults over 65 have areas of receding gums, and 50 percent of adults between 18 and 65 years old deal with it too. One of the more common reasons for gum recession is periodontal disease. Other causes include teeth grinding, hard brushing, or smoking. Before Dr. Stanfield begins restoring your gumline, he’ll examine your gums to see if they are healthy. If they are, he’ll use a composite resin material the color of your gums to bond to the areas of recession.

You’ll discover many benefits with this approach to treatment:

  • No stitching or cutting involved
  • Results that can last for several years or more
  • Material that blends in with your smile
  • Easy recovery so you walk out with a healthy-looking grin right away

Protect Your Oral Health for Healthy Gums

To maintain pink, healthy gums, you’ll need proper oral hygiene routines and good oral care practices. After your procedure is done, Dr. Stanfield can go over a few tips to protect your teeth and gums at home. Make sure you:

  • Use a soft-bristle toothbrush and gentle circular motions while you brush
  • Quit smoking and avoid tobacco use
  • Brush twice a day for two minutes and floss at least once to keep bacteria and plaque away
  • Visit us every six months for cleanings and exams 
  • Wear a mouthguard to avoid damaging your teeth and gums from grinding

Improve your gums with gum recession treatment in Glendale. Call 623-244-4304 for an appointment or Schedule Online.


Common Questions About Gum Recession Treatment

Can gum recession be treated?

Yes. If it looks like your gums are pulling back from your teeth, or your teeth seem longer than they used to, we can perform a safe and effective gum recession treatment that covers your tooth roots to reduce sensitivity. We’ll go over your options and discuss the specifics of this procedure during your consultation appointment.

Why get gum recession treatment?

If your gums have receded, from either injury or gum disease, gum recession treatment can restore the healthy appearance of your gumline. Without treatment, your gums could continue to recede and expose your tooth roots further. We use a bonding material that replaces your lost gumline, so you have a healthy-looking smile.

What causes gum recession?

Receding gums can come about from a lot of causes. Most commonly we see receding gums due to overzealous brushing or brushing with hard bristles. Gum disease might also lead to gum recession, as can your genes. Regardless of the cause, we can help you recover and restore the appearance of your healthy gums.

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