Tooth Fillings
  • Get fillings that match the color of your teeth
  • Our fillings are completely metal-free
  • Relax with your choice of three sedation options
Stop Decay In Its Tracks

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Tooth Fillings in Glendale, AZ

Glendale tooth fillings are probably one of those things that you don’t think much about – that is, until you develop a cavity and possibly a toothache that prevents you from chewing comfortably. At Glendale Gentle Dentistry, we take your comfort seriously. We will always do our best to make your tooth filling procedure go as smoothly as possible. After the restorative work is completed, you’ll be able to:

  • Bite and chew all your favorite foods again
  • Smile confidently, knowing your filling won’t stand out
  • Help prevent further problems with your tooth
  • Enjoy peace of mind about your oral health

If you think you might need a tooth filled, call Glendale Gentle Dentistry today at 623-244-4304. We’re ready to help you get your smile back in order!

Repair Dental Damage With a Non-Metal Filling

Unlike some dental practices, we use only metal-free tooth fillings to repair cavities. While there is still some debate on whether or not the mercury in metal amalgam fillings can affect long-term health, we prefer to land on the conservative side and place only composite fillings.

Rather than metal, these fillings are made up of tiny particles of glass and plastic that are completely safe. Plus, placing a composite filling requires less removal of healthy tooth structure. So there is less chance that your tooth could crack or break in the future.

To place your dental filling, Dr. Stanfield will:

  • Numb the area with local anesthesia
  • Offer you a choice of three types of sedation, including IV conscious sedation, if you’re nervous about your procedure
  • Gently remove the decayed portion of your tooth
  • Apply the composite to the tooth and carefully sculpt it into place
  • Instantly harden the filling with an ultraviolet light
  • Trim the filling and ensure that it fits perfectly with your bite

Our Glendale tooth fillings will repair your smile in just a few minutes. Call Glendale Gentle Dentistry today at 623-244-4304 for fillings and other restorative dentistry. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Tooth Fillings

What are tooth fillings made of?

Fillings are made out of either composite resin, a blend of ceramic and plastic, or porcelain. We can match the color of these materials to your other teeth so they will look completely natural in your smile. Unlike amalgam (metal) fillings, tooth-colored fillings don’t contain mercury. So they’re a good choice for patients who prefer to avoid mercury.

Which tooth fillings are safe?

Although no definitive evidence has been found that silver mercury fillings are harmful to human health, we prefer to err on the conservative side. That’s why we use completely safe and beautiful composite resin tooth fillings. These tooth-colored fillings are made up of tiny particles of glass and plastic, not metal. We also offer porcelain fillings, another metal-free option.

How long do tooth fillings last?

After your dentist places your new filling, you should expect it to last for several years without any problems. Composite fillings last an average of about five to seven years, although other factors do come into play, including which tooth has the filling and the types of foods you eat.

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