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Tooth Removal in Glendale, AZ

You may worry about discomfort if you need to have a tooth extracted, but Glendale tooth removal in our office won’t hurt at all. At Glendale Gentle Dentistry we pride ourselves on delivering painless dentistry, no matter what type of procedure we’re doing – and that includes extracting a tooth. Removing a tooth is never a first option, but if it has to be done, you’ll enjoy several benefits of having it done at our dental practice:

  • Three choices for sedation to help you relax during your procedure
  • Comforting amenities like neck pillows, blankets, music, and bottled water
  • A compassionate dental team who will answer all your questions
  • A pace for your procedure that you’re comfortable with, including the ability to take a short break

If you think you might need a tooth extraction, call the compassionate dental team at Glendale Gentle Dentistry today at 623-244-4304. We offer emergency appointments, and can usually get you in the same day you call.

Count on Us for a Gentle Tooth Extraction

Over the years, our dental practice has removed countless teeth for our patients. We’ll always try to save your damaged or diseased tooth if possible, usually with restorative dentistry services such as a filling, crown, or root canal. However, in cases when tooth removal is the only option, you’ll receive compassionate and caring treatment to get your smile back into shape.

We offer you three forms of sedation so you can relax during your procedure:

  • Inhaled Sedation – Laughing gas will relax your entire body and perhaps make your arms and legs feel a bit tingly.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation – Just take a prescribed pill beforehand and the idea of dental work won’t both you at all.
  • IV Conscious Sedation – You’ll lie back peacefully and completely relaxed while we remove your problem tooth.

These sedation options have made it possible for many of our patients to relax and unwind during their procedure when they wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. We also offer cozy amenities like pillows, blankets, bottled water, stress balls, and phone chargers. These touches may seem small, but they go a long way toward helping you relax and feel at home during your visit.

Call Glendale Gentle Dentistry today at 623-244-4304 for tooth removal in Glendale. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Tooth Removal / Extractions

How long does it take a tooth removal to heal?

In most cases, you can expect your extraction site to heal fully within approximately seven to 10 days. Your healing will depend partly on how well you follow the aftercare instructions we’ll give you. If you’re careful about what you eat and drink and avoid vigorous exercise for a few days, your healing will be quicker and more comfortable.

Does tooth removal hurt?

You can feel confident our experienced dental team will do all we can to make sure your tooth removal is as comfortable as possible. We’ll take a set of digital X-rays to help us plan your procedure, then we’ll use an anesthetic to ensure the area we’re working on is fully numb. We also offer sedation, if needed, to eliminate your dental anxiety and help you relax.

When is tooth removal necessary?

We try to keep a tooth in place as long as possible. However, if a tooth is too diseased or damaged to save with a restorative procedure like a root canal or dental crown, we will suggest removal. Sometimes teeth need to be removed to make room for dentures or other restorations. We may also recommend extraction prior to orthodontic treatment.

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