Tooth Bonding
  • A flawless look is possible in just one appointment
  • Improve your smile with an affordable treatment
  • Show off a confident & beautiful smile
Fix Your Flaws In One Visit

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Tooth Bonding in Glendale, AZ

Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. Tooth bonding in Glendale can transform your smile in a big way with a simple application of composite resin. You’ll appreciate:

  • Showing off beautiful-looking teeth
  • An affordable option that costs less than many other cosmetic procedures
  • Hiding flaws like chips, cracks, and discoloration
  • A minimally invasive procedure that is completely reversible

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Revive Your Smile Quickly With Dental Bonding

Many people compare bonding your teeth to veneers because the goals are the same – to disguise dental imperfections. The primary differences are cost and longevity. Dental bonding costs less and usually only requires one visit, but results last only for a few years. Veneers are more expensive and take at least two appointments to complete, but they will continue to look beautiful for a decade or longer.

Dr. Stanfield can discuss which option is best for you, according to your personal needs and budget. If you decide to get bonding, here is how it will work:

  • Dr. Stanfield will use a shade guide to determine the color of the resin that he’ll apply to your tooth.
  • The surface of your tooth is roughened to prepare it for the bonding material.
  • When your tooth is ready, the composite resin is applied, molded, and shaped onto your tooth.
  • A special light is used to cure the material.
  • Finally, your teeth are polished so they blend in beautifully with the rest of your smile.

While you won’t feel any discomfort throughout the procedure, you can receive sedation if you feel nervous. You can also choose items from our comfort menu, such as a blanket, neck pillow, headphones, and music. When you’re done, you’ll have the perfect-looking teeth you’ve always wanted.

Remember, be sure to keep up with your regular checkups! Your bonding will last longer with good oral hygiene.

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Common Questions About Tooth Bonding

Is tooth bonding the same as veneers?

Tooth bonding isn’t the same as veneers. Both cosmetic solutions conceal flaws like chips and stains, but with bonding, your dentist applies tooth-colored composite to hide or repair those flaws. The process can usually be done in one trip. In contrast, veneers are customized restorations that are created for you in a lab and cemented to the front of your teeth.

How long does tooth bonding take?

The process of tooth bonding can usually be completed in just one easy appointment. It’s possible we’ll have you in and out in about an hour. Of course, some cases take longer, especially if we’re repairing more than one tooth. At your initial consultation, we can give you a better idea of how long your individual treatment will take.

How long does tooth bonding last?

Tooth bonding is not a permanent fix. But as we like to say, you can make a big impact on your smile’s appearance with small changes. Besides, it is an easy way to test out the waters, so to speak. Since the investment of time and money is so small, usually patients don’t mind doing it again in a few years.

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