It would be wonderful if you never had a dental emergency. The reality is that millions of people need emergency dental care every year. 

In Glendale, AZ, we can be the place you call for that service. Here are four reasons you should dial 623-244-4304 to reach us.

1. Dislodged Tooth

You are watching your son’s youth basketball game. He goes for a rebound, but takes an elbow to the mouth in the process. His tooth comes out. It’s time to give us a call. As soon as you can, rinse his mouth with water and keep the tooth in a container of milk.

2. Toothache

Tooth sensitivity is a problem you should seek treatment for, but a toothache demands immediate help. This kind of pain can disrupt whatever you are doing. It is likely a symptom of a tooth infection as well.

3. Broken Tooth

You only got distracted for a few seconds, but that was enough time to walk into that pole face first. No need to feel embarrassed about coming to us to stop the pain and fix your smile. 

4. Cracked Tooth

You just wanted to watch a movie. You got your treats, including some popcorn. Then you took a hard bite into an unpopped kernel. Now, you are in pain, and the film in the last thing on your mind. 

Call Glendale Gentle Dentistry 623-244-4304 for your emergency dental care in Glendale, AZ. You can also schedule online for routine services.