Dental insurance can be a great resource for families and individuals. Yet, many people pay for dental coverage but don’t take advantage of the benefits that come with it.

Knowing this, we want to encourage you to make an appointment at our Glendale, AZ dental office before the end of the year. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Preventive Care

Most dental plans are focused on helping you avoid serious dental problems. Because of this, many policies cover all or much of the cost of cleanings and routine exams. If are paying for coverage, but you don’t schedule a checkup, then what are you paying for?

2. Early Detection

By making dental visits part of your routine, you are more likely to identify problems in the early stages. This is important for cavities and gum disease, but your dental professional also can alert you if there are possible signs of oral cancer as well.

3. Save on Treatment

If you do need some kind of restorative care, your plan may reduce your out-of-pocket costs for fillings or crowns. Our team can help you get the maximum coverage from your plan.

4. You’re on the Clock

Typically, dental insurance plans are renewed annually. Often this coincides with the calendar year. That means if you don’t take advantage of your benefits before the new year, then you have forfeited those benefits.

Don’t lose what you’ve already paid for! Call Glendale Gentle Dentistry today at 623-244-4304 for an appointment in Glendale, AZ. You can also schedule online.