Your gums are just as important to your smile as your teeth. They may not be the stars of your smile, but they are an essential part.

Preventing and treating gum disease are something we are happy to do for our patients in and around Glendale, AZ.

If you have periodontal problems, you could be looking at other health issues as well.

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Tooth Loss

Periodontal disease is a leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. That’s one of the biggest reasons we encourage you to floss daily. Brushing alone does a lot, but there are parts of your mouth your toothbrush doesn’t reach well. Floss can get into those spaces.

Cardiovascular Disease

The bacteria that cause gum disease can get into your bloodstream. When that happens, they can spread throughout your body. Because of this, people with gum disease have a greater likelihood of cardiovascular problems, including heart attacks.


This is a double-edged sword. Having diabetes increases your risk of periodontal problems. At the same time, gum infections make it more difficult to manage diabetes.

These are just a few of the health risks that are associated with having gum disease. Let us keep your mouth healthy.

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