The day after Thanksgiving wasn’t just a day to hunt for bargains. It also was National Flossing Day, which is a great reason to remind you of the benefits of flossing daily.

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1. Remove Plaque

Brushing your teeth is important, but a toothbrush doesn’t reach everywhere you want it to go. Flossing is how you reach those spaces between your teeth and gums to remove plaque from your mouth.

2. Dislodge Food Particles

Those little pieces of food that get stuck in your teeth can become food for the harmful bacteria that cause plaque, tooth decay, and gum infections. By flossing, you can pry that food loose.

3. Freshen Your Breath

Chronic bad breath is a common symptom of gum disease. By flossing, you can reverse and prevent periodontal problems. As a result, you can improve your breath.

Make daily flossing, along with brushing and regular dental cleanings, part of your oral care routine.

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