November is Mouth Cancer Action Month. We hope that you and your loved ones remain cancer-free for life. We also know that early detection can be invaluable in the success of treating oral cancer.

Today, we want to share three things you can do to help prevent and fight mouth cancer. 

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1. Do a Self-Exam

Checking for signs of mouth cancer is something you can do on your own. This video by the Mouth Cancer Foundation guides you through what to do. 

2. Avoid Tobacco

Using any tobacco product raise your risk of developing oral cancer. If you are using now, look for a treatment program. A good place to start is calling the Arizona Department of Health Services’ ASHline at 1-800-55-66-222.

3. Take Positive Steps

In addition to quitting or avoiding tobacco, you can take steps to reduce your risk of oral cancer. That may include limiting alcohol consumption, making changes to your diet, and getting vaccinated against HPV (if you are eligible).

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